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2019-2020 Predator

The 2020 Archer yearbook  is now available for purchase at  Yearbooks will arrive around the first week of May.  Split Payment Plans are available on the website.


The following is a schedule of yearbook pricing:

$75.00 until August 24, 2019

$80.00 until October 5, 2019

$85.00 until December 21, 2019

$90.00 until February 8, 2020 (or sold out)

The yearbook order will be place on February 8, 2020 based on pre-paid orders.  No extra copies will be ordered.




Senior Tribute Pages

Senior Tribute Ads are available at  Split Payment Plans are available on the website.

November 12, 2019 is the  deadline to reserve a Senior Tribute Ad, turn in all pictures and text to (Senior Tribute Ads DO NOT include a year book).  Any ads accepted after 11/12/2019  will be charged an additional $25.00 fee, and are only accepted if space is available.  There is NO Guarantee space will be available after 11/12/2019.


  • 1/8 -page Ad: 1 Pic, about 20 words $100
  • 1/4-page Ad: 2 pics, about 40 words (Pic orientations: 1 landscape, 1 portrait) $175
  • 1/2-page Ad: 4 pics, about 60 words (Pic orientations: 3 landscape, 1 portrait) $250
  • Full-page Ad: 6 pics, about 100 words (Pic orientations: 4 landscape, 2 portrait) $400


Senior Portraits

Senior (2020) Portraits will be taken July 8-11 at Archer High School, in the Media Center.  Your Junior (11th grade) student will receive a flyer by mail with their appointment in May before they leave for summer break. If your student did not receive an appointment, please contact Magic Moment at 770-979-4203.

Senior Portrait Make-up Date: Senior portrait make ups will be Tuesday September 10th from 2:30 to 4:30 in the auxiliary gym.  Students will need to make an appointment with Ms. Feinberg. 

Last Make-up date at Archer: Sept. 17th. There is a appointment sign-up sheet posted on Ms. Feinberg's door at room 1.476 on the Language Arts Hall.

After Sept. 17th you will need to contact magic moment.

DO NOT FORGET YOUR PORTRAIT SITTING FEE.  The fees were listed on the flyer your student received from Magic Moment last fall.   There is a fee schedule posted with the sign-up sheet.  Please contact Magic Moment for additional information at or 770-979-4203.

Magic Moment must take your photograph for it to appear in the Archer yearbook.  



Underclassmen Pictures 2019-2020

Underclassmen pictures will be taken Tuesday, September 10th in the auxiliary gym during Language Arts classes.  

Picture Make Up: Any student who is absent on September 10th will have the opportunity to make up their picture on Tuesday Sept. 17th.  The photographer will be in the auxiliary gym during all lunches, and no appointment will be necessary.